The Brand

FENTON - the brand

The Fenton brand is managed in the Netherlands where product design & development is coordinated from the headquarters of the Tronios Group in Almelo.
This dutch family company has several trademarks registered, which are build on their pilars which guarantee affordable, accessible and availlable products.
Fenton is On! Selling worldwide in over 40 countries through resellers and partners and still expanding, the demand for Fenton products is growing. Its broadening assortment is recognized by many for its easy interfaces, usable designs, affordable pricing and most of all the fun factor.

Fenton is more than just some audio products, it’s a joy in life – being around friends and family having fun in the smallest moments.
A feeling that is grounded in the culture of this traditional family company and a commandment their many employees live by.

Just be ON and enjoy the moment and the people around you!


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It's ON

Fenton has a very extensive range of home and party products suitable for every age and every moment. This gives the brand the advantage to produce on a broad scale and keep good products very affordable and available to the many. Producting in Asia is by European standards and with Quality Control and the Technical Department by Tronios’ own people their is a constant assurance of the production quality.

Fenton products stand out by surprising by simplicity for great solutions in audio.
The Fenton experience is the bright sun, fun and familiarity ousted in smart designs and easy interfaces.

Always enjoyable with friends and family at home, in the parc, on the beach or where ever in your community.

What we want

is being in the moment and have fun with loved ones in life

We do this by developping

affordable solutions with easy interfaces,
user friendly, fun for all everyone

This you will find in

home audio, party sound systems, karaoke systems and portable audio products for all ages


Not only from us to you, but also to ourselves


Just feast your ears!

Try to find a little celebration in every moment you are aware of.

It’s ON…


The best thing to share

It’s like the sun, you can’t live without some good old fashion fun!

It will give you the edge…


Bigger joy together

The fun is so much greater when you can share it with friends

Just look around the corner


Always part of something

Values and traditions give just that little extra love that makes it all so much better.

Born out of passion…


the family Fenton belongs to

The Tronios Group founded in 1998 through passion for audio and light.
By knowing the market from years of sales experience and a technical advantage in knowledge and insights, they quickly became one of the major players on the European market of consumer electronics.
Fenton is one of their brands and represents not only a part of the culture and personality of the people behind it, it also represents a strong and steady name in the sound & light industry for consumer goods.
Meanwhile the Tronios Group is already active in 40+ countries, with a distribution network that supplies Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the entire European Union.

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What our partners or end-users share

Very happy with this. Used at an event we gave for our silver wedding anniversary. Intended as a backup for speaking to guests and playing sound from a video if the hotel did not fulfil on the night (which was our worry).
Lucky we had it as they did not.
We linked our projector to this via Bluetooth to play the sound from a wedding video. It worked perfectly.
Has all the features you could want; microphone, EQ, Guitar input, Bluetooth and many more.
It is well built, loud and easy to move with it’s wheels. It is also not too heavy.
The lights are a bonus. We did not need them but I can see why you would use them if you were using this as a main event speaker.
It has a well rounded sound and cannot complain about the sound quality.
So have no problems recommending.


Ik heb deze platenspeler als een cadeautje aan mijn neefje van 12 gedaan. Hij was er superblij mee. Heeft er heel veel plezier van en hij zei dat hij het geluid ook goed vond. Blij met deze aankoop en neefje blij!