Fenton is part of the House of Tronios which originated from one man’s great passion for audio and light solutions for all. Making those solutions for any kind of stage and every moment available and affordable with the values of the family company are the foundations on which the pilars of the brands are build on. Fenton is the most broad and accessible with its product range, from your livingroom to the parc, from the streets to the clubs, Fenton brings fun and a smile on every face.

Home electronics meets Fun.

Fenton has an extensive range products, if you are enjoying music at home, on the road where ever you go or at your event there is always a device suitable for your enjoyment. For young and old, easy to use, worldwide available and affordable.
We fully believe in the spirit and quality of our products:


P1088538_edit lighter

The Tronios Group started decades ago as SkyTronic group (founded in 1998). By knowing the market and a technical advantage they quickly became one of the major players on the European market of consumer electronics. Fenton was introduced in 2010 and since the launch of the first productline, the brand has extended its product range and was able to gain a global popularity.

Resellers of Fenton are so much more than just companies that shuffle cartons. They are partners and share the  vision of making audio, sound and lighting solutions available and affordable.
This partnership makes it possible to constantly expand and innovate towards future, which is grounded on the belief that within the Tronios family all are individually unique and uniquely strong together!

Fenton is developed and designed in the Netherlands by a group of people that has a deeply rooted passion for the business, their own discplines but also in inspiring each other. With Fun and Family values upfront they stay highly motivated and are full of creativity and spirit to bring the best to the table every day again…

The fact that most of them are with the company over a decade illustrates the power of the family culture and secondly says something about the level of knowledge and experience.
Which gives the Fenton brand the edge on the consumer electronics market.